Princess The Pampered Pug

Written and illustrated by Giuliana Gregori

Highly commended at the Macmillan Prize 2017


Princess is a dog who is being pampered and fussed over by her owner. Tired of this, she leaves her life full of comforts determined to seek the freedom she aspired to. Along the way she meets a stray dog with whom she experiences the downsides of a wilder existence, only to discover that after all, that sort of lifestyle is not for her and finally returns home with a new friend.

Lily Fairy And The Missing Wings

Written and illustrated by Giuliana Gregori


Everyone at Fairyland was getting ready for the Woodland Fairies’ party.

Lily is very excited and starts preparing for it, but unexpectedly her wings are missing.

What could have happened to them? Lily starts a quest determined to have her precious wings back! As she searches for clues there will be an unexpected surprise waiting for her.

Lili et les Quatre Saisons

Written and illustrated by Giuliana Gregori

Alice Jeunesse 2018

A sweet little album to discover the seasons and the different strategies of animals to get through the winter, alongside characters all more endearing than each other. Lili the little mole spent the summer playing with her friends. But one morning, the landscape is different: no more strawberries and colorful flowers, nature has taken on its orange colors, and all her friends are too busy to play. Very sad, Lili goes home ... Her mother tucks her in and explains that winter is coming. When Lili puts her nose outside, a happy surprise awaits her.

Take Care

Written by Madelyn Rosemberg

Illustrated by Giuliana Gregori

Albert Whitman 2018

This simple verse story relays that kindness to the world is as easy as planting trees, tending to flowers, and being nice to animals. And being kind to others can be as simple as choosing nice words and sharing a smile. Because the world belongs to all of us!





Illustrated by Giuliana Gregori

Lake Press 2017

This series encourages children to explore relationships with key family members. Children will develop an awareness of the various manners in which love can be expressed. The cute baby giraffe tells the story of all the ways his parent and grandparent loves him.

Illustrated by Giuliana Gregori

Miles Kelly 2015

Princess Time Cinderella is a fantastic large format picture book, with stunning illustrations by Giuliana Gregori, that brings fairytale characters to life in kids' imaginations. Children will be enthralled by this young girl’s adventures with fairy godmothers, pumpkins and terrible stepsisters!


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